QUOTES -----Sat May/24/2003: "Wounded Healers" - www.intouch.org
Is there some struggle with which you've played a game of tug 'o war for far too long? Maybe it's a wavering belief in the truth that Christ's resurrection has filled you with power to do ministry even greater than He did. Or perhaps it's a see-saw trust in His unconditional acceptance of you. It could be the occasional day when you feel rejected—as if you will never be enough.

No matter what your struggle is, there is hope.
Therefore, if you've prayed about a particular weakness and sense that God is allowing it to remain, take heart. He can turn bereavement into brilliance as you continually surrender your life according to His plans. ...

-----Thu 11/04/1999: LIFELINES Program oon WJTL
The sweat and toil in life is how you get the blossoms and prosperous times.

-----Tue 09/07/1999: PROBE Program on WJJTL
"Reading the Bible is 'listening' to God"

-----04/01/1999: Church worker on WJTL We, in this generation, fear the unknown too much. Lets conquer that fear!
    Hebrews 1:1-12  ...sure of what we hope for...

-----01/01/1999: Short Preacher Note on WJTL at 11:55 am
When you sit down and read the Bible pray like the psalmist, "Lord open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your word." And when you get to a difficult passage, stop, don't turn to a comentary, look to God and ask him to open your eyes to what he has to show you.
    Psalms 119:18 Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.

-----06/16/1998: Focus on the Family. If you are too busy, in this age we live in, to protect your kids from pornography ect, then the culture will take them away.

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