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- www.w3schools.com - Full Web Building Tutorials - All Free, LOOKS EXCELENT! - www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp - HTML Tutorial - www.wrox.com - Website of my 'Instant HTML' book.
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-----Nov/15/06 ===Went to local bookstore. - Learning PHP and MySQL - Step by Step Guide to Creating Database Driven WebSites. by Michele E. Davis and Jon A. Phillips. Publisher: O'Reilly. ISBN: 0-569-10110-4 ($30) - Looks like an excellent study book, if you want to learn PHP. - httpd.apache.or/download.cgi - Download Apache 2.0.5 Win32 binary - Install Apache Server before PHP and MySQL can be installed. -----Nov/09/2006 - www.webwizguide.info - look for 'What is ASP?' - The default scripting language used for writing ASP is VBScript, although you can use other scripting languages like JScript (Microsoft's version of JavaScript). - For those of you running Windows and wish to play around with ASP on your own system you will need to install Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS).
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-----Nov/17/06 (I_HTML) Ch.8 Forms and HTML Controls - HTML controls can be for use "both on forms when submitting info to a server, and for integration with client-side scripting." (pg.160.top) - This book is mainly concerned with client-side issues. You also need a program on the server to process the form's data. (pg.167.top) - CGI - Common Gateway Interface. [ ]Q: Is CGI and ASP two different but similar technologies that can be used without the other and do about the same job as eachother? -----Dec/04/06 (I_HTML) ===Five HTML controls for enhanced forms. - OPTGROUP, BUTTON, LABLEL, FIELDSET, LEGEND. (pg.160-167) - Note: Learn 'STYLE' eventually. ===Processing Forms (pg.167) - When programming a form, you can probably find code on the web that is close to what you want. You should be able to find several sites for this. - Once you get the form working, you need a program on the server to process the data. - 'All form elements that provide data to be sent to the server use the NAME and VALUE attributes.' - Data sent to server: 'name=value&name=value&name=value...'. Pairs are URL encoded: spaces are changed to plus signs, some chars to %hex. ===The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) (pg.168) - CGI 'is the recognized method of communication between the HTTP server and gateway programs.' (see book) - Gateway programs could be in compiled languages such as C++, Visual Basic, or Delphi. Or scripts such as in Perl. This can be fairly involved. Check these sites for help: hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu : www.lpage.com (cgi stuff maybe removed) : snowwhite.it.brighton.ac.uk - Other server-side languages: Microsoft has Active Server Pages (ASP), others: Open Network Environment (ONE) which is based around JavaBeans. ===Summary - Layout of a form is important for easy use by users. Do this by placing controls in HTML tables or 'by using the absolute psoitioning properties of the STYLE attribute.
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Exercises: Your first JavaScript programs
-----Oct/11/06 Wed 19:37
Overview: Good page that describes uses of CGI, JavaScript, VBScript etc.
-----Oct/24/06 Tue 18:58
===Review of Intro page
 - JavaScript - prog lang developed by Netscape for building interactive pages on the 
   World-Wide Web.  Embed JavaScript code in HTML page. That code is then executed when 
   page loads (or when buttons are clicked on your page). 
 - Intro page contains course outline.
 - HTML Forms - normally provides data to a CGI program, (like a search engine). 
    - HTML forms can be input and output for some prog languages, such as JavaScript. 
 - JavaScript - intended to extend HTML ... make it more interactive.
 - List of What can you do with JavaScript. See src pg.
 - JavaScript - not designed for large programs.
 - JavaScript - both imperative (such as C) and obj-oriented features.
 - Netscape allows use of JavaScript for writing CGI scripts in LiveWire server. Will cover client-side issues only, here. 
 - Microsoft calls their version of JavaScript, JScript. There are differences. JavaScript covered here. I'll
   probably have to look for a JScript or VBScript tutorial. VBScript is Microsoft's alternative to JavaScript.
 - Some other ways to make html pages interactive are CGI, Java, VBScript, and some advanced features of HTML. 
 - Alternative Languages
    - CGI was most common, early on.
 - "Because JavaScript is supported by both major browsers, it is the choice for many applications.
   Because Netscape permits educational institutions to use Navigator without charge, JavaScript + Navigator 
   form an appropriate combination for many institutions."

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